Get lucky room IP address in Diablo 3 using Sikuli

Oct/7/2012 update:

I just wrote this for fun and did not want to be in any trouble so I did not upload the script. But it seems that many guys really typed it character by character, I think I should upload it 🙂

Here is the download link. Have fun. By the way, my battle tag is SeanWang#1150, usually play on US Server, also Asia Server sometimes.

After I noticed that guys  posted that certain servers of Diablo 3 have good drops (orginal post and battlenet quote) than others, I observed this ip address stuff when repeatedly running Warrior’s Rest using a monk with all MF items

My conclusion is that it is some sort of correct! especially the part about ” last number of the ip address that is over 80 is not good”.

certain servers have good drops and some have bad drops, each time you log in you are connected to a random server this is how you can find servers with better drops than others.
1) go to your cmd promt while logged into a game (not at the log in screen or at char screen but in a game)
2) type in “netstat -n” into your cmd promt to find what server you are connected to the last 4 digits of the ip are what matter. anything with 3 digits sucks and typically games with 2 digit ending in even numbers are good loot games. The best ones are “74:1119” and “76:1119” but 72-78 even work also, games like 46 also work.

So based on this theory, I wrote a Sikuli script to get the ip address less than 80. In my script, I did not judge for even number, because I think that it may be too long to get a even number AND less than 80. Too many times creating and quiting games may trigger the Blizzard anti-bot mechanism…

Here comes the script:)

NOTICE: Above script should only work in windowed game mode.

Have fun:)