worked in mobile testing field since my graduation in 2006. Now as a test architect at Changba Inc. Personal expertise is mobile automation testing, both Android and iOS.


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    • Hi, Stacy
      I have answered the question. I developed this binding long time ago, and now I do not maintain it. I think there should be more better python libraries there, such like adb command related libaries.

  1. Hi Sean,
    I’m trying to use xUnique for my XCode project ( iOS ). It seams that the script is done after each build, because I can see the different identifiers ( UUID to MD5 ). But, when I’m going to merge I always get an error with the project file. I’m using XCode6, SourceTree and the repository is from Bitbucket. I just followed all your instructions from:


    Any idea?



      • Hi Sean, thank you so much for your replay.
        Actually, your script is good. But I’ve realized that the error could be in the .gitattributes file, because as I said before, your script seams to run well. In the .gitattributes file I wrote what it is posted in xUnique’s web:

        *.pbxproj text -crlf -diff -merge=union

        But then I changed it and try this:

        *.pbxproj text merge=union

        The result it’s better but not excellent…

        Can you help me with this file?


  2. Hi. Sean. This is Park. When I was looking for the automation test in embedded platform, found your web blog. I try to install and test using testability-driver on QT Platform. but I so difficult to get information. If you have an idea about the testing on embedded platform (QT) Please share me. I am really sorry to have bothered you.

    • hi, park
      I only researched testability-driver on Meego platform about four or five years ago. And that projected was abandoned very soon. I think that I cannot help you.

      • Thank you for reply. I will find other way. 🙂 Have a good day and take care!

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