Life in UK

Actually some one said I need to update my blogs. Today should my last day of visiting London for this trip.
After arrived at the hotel exhausted, with the boring TV programme sounds, I determine to write something down to make I could remember something after years.

  • UK’s transport system is highly developed, especially in London, And its billing system is also complicated for a strange, such as me:
    • A return ticket is more cheaper than two single ticket! I got this tip after costing about £12 more…
    • A day TravelCard in London is more cheaper than buying ticket every time when you want to use the tube (underground). Buying the railway ticket with day travel card could get an additional discount.
    • Also due to the powerful transport system, the maintenance work also happens, the railway and underground.
      • I even thought that Farnborough railway station is just a name…Because last week I took the rail replacement bus to Woking and then from there got on a train to London.
      • The London underground maintenance sucks. This made my travel more complicated this week. I spent too much time in Canary Wharf. Damn it!
    • The Bus replacement bus seems no need to be paid, since the maintenance made our life troublesome.
    • The DLR line seems that no one checks the ticket… And the entry and exit do not have machines like in the underground. So maybe you could pay not a pence to get on DLR… I only saw people used the Oyster card to check in and out, but my ticket cannot swipe on the machine! Of course I do not encourage you to do that. I had a day travel card that including the DLR charges. I just cannot understand how the ticket system works in the DLR…
  • 电视: 旅馆的电视台很少,bbc, sky还都不是HD的,而且总共不超过15个台。
    • 不过刚才看到了实时的top gear!原来是每周日在BBC2. 小兴奋一下。俺在verycd下了10季左右(虽然看得没多少)。俺现在看的可是最新的啊。对岸同胞得好一会才能下载到吧~
    • 然后就是英超。想以前大学时期都是熬到深夜看啊。很神奇的感觉

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